Her aroma

Sharing his life with his wife was the best thing that happened to him ever. Only after their marriage, did he really begin to enjoy love of his life. She added the flavour of happiness by her simple acts of thoughtfulness. (Reads: 271)


The author explains how a man runs after searching a son – in – law of high status on giving huge dowry and at last repents. He opines we should boycott it. (Reads: 175)

Wise Decision

We were four friends all well brought up in a decent background and good family values. We all wanted to do big in our lives and make our family proud of us . (Reads: 238)


Amma’s smile widened when she recalled a similar encounter with her father three decades back. Though, there was a generation gap between the two, but somehow the questions remained the same . (Reads: 101)

Will you give me time?

I hope this reserve will help to augment their assets. I hope they will now find some time to waste, some to use, some to love and some time to talk to people like me who have excess of time. (Reads: 137)