A Mother’s Fear

She knows I love her and this was what was best for her, I know this because I make sure every time I see her I tell her. She has a brightness and shine to her I had never seen before. (Reads: 206)


The author tells how his uncle brought a boy, Haria to his house. After uncle’s death how Haria attached to Author’s family. One day he left to join BSF. (Reads: 155)

Will I demise With Pleasure

As Mr.Chaturvedi has only reckonable days left in this sphere he want to rectify his son as a remarkable magnate before time goes up. But up to the time his all efforts call for failure. (Reads: 68)


The author was anxious to see Raviya. Raviya came to his house and asked to reserve birth. Madna also came,said to get him married as getting 4 lac rupees. (Reads: 431)

The letter

The last letter which she received from her soldier son carried the news of his well being and of his next posting in Kashmir. This was the first time when Robin’s monthly letter had failed to reach his mother. (Reads: 137)

Through My Eyes

The sound of my brother’s voice echoed in my ears as a tear rolled down my cheek. The car was now blending into the traffic and getting away from sight. I cried out for help but nobody seemed to care. (Reads: 252)