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Collection of funny & hilarious short stories with lots of fun and humor along with few black comedy short stories and real life funny incidents. Read funny fiction when in a one-sided-love he wished to kiss his dream girl, funny true life incident of a middle class family catching train in midnight, a hilarious fiction when a man’s wish was granted to become God, funny experience of a doctor in a rural hospital, hilarious incident of neighbors try to get a sneak peek from someone’s family matter, and many other such tickling stories to bring smile at your face.

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Mr. Jumble at the Pool

They went red and ran back to the changing rooms to put their swimming suits the correct way around. They came back soon and this time they were greeted with a volley of complaints. (Reads: 0)


It was time to answer a billion prayers. I focused my energy on Messi’s mind. He was sound and focused. He could net the ball with his eyes closed. I rattled the goal keeper’s mind and nulled the odds. (Reads: 187)