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Love and Romance
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Read online romantic short stories, true love stories from real life, heartfelt first love experience, and tragic end of sad love stories. . Read story of selfless love of a wife – Love Note after Twelve Years, heart touching Valentine’s Day special love story of a dying girl – One in a million : REWIND, love story of a guy who could not express his feeling to the girl he loved – The Pursuit of Love, romantic love story of honeymoon – THE HONEYMOON TRYST, story of a lover who became crazy and decided to live with sweet remembrance of his past – The wounds of the winter, and other love stories

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Unfulfilled illusion

Dreams are elusive. This tale is about the dream of a man. The situation in the dream is the same even though the age of the man is increasing. It depicts three stages in a man’s life. (Reads: 243)


Our nocturnal rendezvous led us to fall in love with each other when we clearly knew that the debacle was in vain.I enjoyed the moments I spent talking to her. (Reads: 125)

And “The soul dies”

Today she remembered the starting of their relation. It was beautiful, more beautiful than her dreams!Spending their time together, discussion on problems, romance & everything. (Reads: 614)