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Read short stories full with moral lessons and moral values, short stories on social issues, & inspirational short stories with takeaway lessons. Few examples are story of a girl who seeks pleasure by making others look beautiful, a woman looking for perfect body learnt a lesson from an underprivileged kid, short story to get inspiration from a dog, a touching story highlighting human nature of doubting everyone even a needy, overcome fear after an accident, and other such inspirational stories full with moral lessons.

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Answer of life lies inside the person perception . Perception makes the attitude and attitude show in an action. In the life which makes us sometime successful or sometime failure. (Reads: 75)


He had a way with words, so crisp, so simple. The way he made you feel his powerful persuasion. He made you feel okay, talked with such wisdom. (Reads: 119)

The Showdown

This is not the end. This is a warning. A warning which all of us need to heed. If we continue keeping our eyes closed, you and I will be firing more guns. (Reads: 76)