Lucky me?

I have an idea, since this meeting is going to be a short one, lets make it memorable by doing things differently. Look into my eyes . (Reads: unavailable)

Ram Ki Talaash

Perspective of God is often mysterious ,in this Hindi story two children with their teacher create a situation for understanding about GOD…..”RAM”,think beyond the story of  ‘RAM’ and try to find to solve the dilemma of RAM. (Reads: unavailable)


When we are busy in making plans life happens. So life was already making some plan, suddenly one day she said she will leave this work as her father is not well. (Reads: unavailable)

“Belief” it or not

All I want is your BELIEF in me.Life is not easy for anybody.Problems and challenges are meant to make you stronger.If every desire of yours get answered easily neither you will have faith in me nor will you have faith in yourself. (Reads: unavailable)