Story with Tag: adopt

A Mother’s Fear

She knows I love her and this was what was best for her, I know this because I make sure every time I see her I tell her. She has a brightness and shine to her I had never seen before. (Reads: 212)

Life Of An Orphan

The girl was flying high with happiness. The couple then got Effony admitted into a good school. The girl was very happy with her new life and her new loving parents. (Reads: 330)

A quarter short

He loved it when she called him that. He had grown up listening to all kinds of names conjured up to make him realize how different and special child he was. (Reads: 104)


I re read it so many time before dropping it off on my daughters desk. We were waiting for her reply or some kind of gesture desperately. (Reads: 168)

A Cat’s Mind

Somehow with all the hope she had of returning back to her home she managed to drag herself to the giant’s front door where they received her with open arms. (Reads: 94)

Redemption :For my mother

You were supposed to be my mother and love us unconditionally with no strings attached how come you could not do that , how come you did not love us, (Reads: 312)