Story with Tag: alone

Life o’ Life

Rekha could clearly see her future she and her husband sitting ideally waiting for the phone calls. And it will be so difficult to cut all your ties. (Reads: 75)

Social or anti-social?

We all share the same fate. I think it’s too late to notice my worst, heckpoint. Struggling from side to side, Forcing myself to act mature, before I meet the cold eyes (Reads: 46)

A Day in Dreams

When you are suffering from insomnia, you are never really awake, nor are you asleep. It’s like you are always in a trance. He didn’t know when he went to sleep. But he woke up, on time the next morning, like a machine, (Reads: 98)

A last letter to my Mother

Mom, I was never a good son but you always loved me.. Even now I know you are beside me.. always watching over me..always protecting me.. if only..if only….I could have you back just for one moment… (Reads: 200)

Kab Aaoge?

This Hindi poem highlights the pain of an Indian wife in which the husband went for some vacations in the nature’s lap and didn’t inform her for his returning. (Reads: 295)