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What I Wish You My Angel

Before she leave, she shakes my hand and give me, the most happiest new year wish, I was stunned and confused on, how or what to wish her back, how could I wish her happiness (Reads: 100)

Four Love Poems

Just to say I love you, it never seems enough. I’ve said it so many times, But I am just so afraid to say it. I might give you a flower (Reads: 28)

Maa and Pa

Sometimes all a girl needs is her Dad, for her first bicycle ride, her first fall, her first day of high school, her first crush, her first boyfriend, her first break up. But not every girl gets a chance to live all those moments. (Reads: 273)

Perfectly Timed

She’s not the type of girl that will make your heads turn but she’s beautiful and perfect in her own ways. I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. But I’m happy. Happy that I can walk her home. (Reads: 1,074)

Love You, Mom

Being the apple of everyone’s eye in our family and especially that of our mother’s, every single minute of our mother was for Boon. Mom used to give even my share of care to Boon. Read family story (Reads: 177)

Love, It Is

The bond between me and my mother was one no person could break. Ours was a ‘family of two’ in this big world. She was both a father and a mother to me. (Reads: 329)