Story with Tag: army

Martyred and Killed

When someone loses his life , in the line of duty, he or she becomes a martyr and those who indulge in backstabbing are put in category of cowards and need no empathy but only to be eliminated. (Reads: 79)

We differ by

A young man visits his childhood home; a kid intercepts him;both indulge into a conversation about the dreams of life;But one’s experienced & the other inexperienced;arguments follow. (Reads: 504)

Vanishing Hills

Instead of salubrious weather and pristine environment I was greeted by the scorching heat, April turned out to be the cruellest month, even on the hills. The picturesque and plush landscape did not welcome us. (Reads: 68)

Breaking News

In that night’s brokenness, their lips met, seeking to communicate an emotion made futile by words.As light started to spread across the horizon, he looked at her resting on his arm, (Reads: 667)