Story with Tag: beauty

Meri Maati

Hindi poems about our land, its abilities, qualities, greatness and about saving the trees. The jungles are treasures and we get benefits from them. We are taught to save nature and plant more trees for the future. (Reads: 65)

Timeless bliss

Those times when you suddenly realise the smallest flower hidden in between grass. And for the first time see the beauty and majesty of clouds and the breakthrough of sunlight underneath a lush tree. (Reads: 676)


I experienced the positivism and I had no negative feelings there and when I was there, I felt lot of love in my heart and I didn’t felt loneliness. (Reads: 202)


I would feel the nature just before I sleep, When ocean and land together, Memories are untouched forever, When love and art together, Dreams are touched forever. Read English poem (Reads: 110)