Story with Tag: believe

I Had No Idea About This!

It’s just that I have no clue what is up. I have no idea what is happening and there seems to be a lot of uncertainty and that I feel as though something is missing… something… rather important… (Reads: 104)

A blessing

It felt like God’s plan had not ended. I wanted a more meaningful experience. I had a lot of fun, but where was God? I wanted something more eternal. (Reads: 195)


Living in your own dreams are more beautiful than thinking of the unfulfilled dream and merely doing something for the sake of others. Fly high with your dream. (Reads: 386)

Believe in you

Let show them all, Alone or together, That believe and you is just not a word, Its my strength, To be successful, To make my dreams come true, Yes I believe in you, (Reads: 39)

Believe In You

Act on YOUR thoughts, and don’t think twice,Take on suggestions, but never advice.Face those bullies, waiting out for you,They ain’t perfect, they have flaws too. (Reads: 576)

A Timorous Glare

In this romantic Hindi poem the poetess is explaining that How Her Timorous Glare Made upon a full trust on Her Lover which ended By Her complete surrender In His Charming Arms. (Reads: 71)