Story with Tag: best friend

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

It’s because lying helps me to get over the truth. It’s because when I lie about something, I can actually pretend things aren’t what they really are, and for a moment or two, I can actually forget this joke. (Reads: 339)

The most beautiful feeling

Today years after I feel that loving someone who is no more is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. I still live cherishing the beautiful memories and that innocent face of my best friend. (Reads: 333)

Inter College Fest

The bond they shared, the love they had for each other and the days they spent together flashed in his mind. He missed her, she too and he could bet his heart that she did miss him. (Reads: 590)


“kalpita already told me about your feelings and I was in love with you from the day first when we met in training but…..” I interrupted him and kissed him and hugged him tightly. (Reads: 598)