Story with Tag: bird


In this Hindi story Vihan get a friend and scarifies his friendship on the sake of creativity. Read story and feel the Essene of relation between friendship and creativity.  (Reads: unavailable)

Mera Bachpan banaam Chiya

In this Hindi poem there is a silent conversation between small child and a small bird . Bird talks about today’s generation and compare between human being and birds. This show the relation between parents and children. (Reads: unavailable)

My Dream Love Story

Her cheeks turned red as she is blushing hard thinking about the dream which is seen by her every morning. Though she is blushing, she is little disappointed as she did not see her soul mate even today. (Reads: unavailable)


This Hindi poem is about a girl who is pleading her mom to let her fly like everyone doing. She don’t want much from Destiny .The motive of her life is to stand-up on her own feet once. (Reads: unavailable)