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Book plays very important role in our life. Having good books in one’s collection is same as having best friend. Read short stories tagged with book.

15 Chameleons – Book Review by Rupa

Dark satire seasoned with a dash of humor, 15 Chameleons, is a brilliantly crafted collection of hard hitting & impactful short stories, by a remarkable writer, that will prick your conscience & compel you to think. A book not to be missed! (Reads: 1,294)

The Sojourn

I have been told tales of a book. The book of the seven spirits, which contains spells and secrets of the ancient world.Help find that book and we can finally get revenge on the enemies. (Reads: 178)

He Taught Me Love

A popular author chooses to publicise her new novel in a unique way; by telling a story about herself. A story without a perfect ending, a story that makes everyone recollect the fond memories of their first love. (Reads: 2,032)