Story with Tag: boy

Looping Rill of Blood (Episode-5)

Past is that annoying good friend whom you can strangulate, bury under ground and stand on its grave looking up at your future but you cannot kill it. When you try to walk away, it’ll stick its stiff hands out to grab your feet, anchoring you into a fall. (Reads: 111)


The train will be best example for life, just observe a train it will have people with different mind sets, problems, moods, confusions, happiness, sadness, responsibilities, over responsibilities, likes, dislikes and many. (Reads: 134)

Of the Occult

The need to burn everything came from the tale of drowning everything that is to say, when Alicia convinced herself that the Asian girl she had met had some sort of mystical powers, she also believed in the existence of mystical powers. (Reads: 377)


One day in life I will be a better person to help all children equally; boys and girls alike. I will become a man to tell my story; that once upon a time the boy child was a bedbug in K-street. (Reads: 158)