Story with Tag: bus

A Journey

She and I had become so close that the very thought of us parting had been unbearable. We decided, as was customary in those days to approach our parents and present the idea of marriage before them. (Reads: unavailable)

The Warmth of Love

And just then, he saw her, once again. There she was, sitting by another window in that 240, wearing the scarf he had lost.Their eyes met and that moment felt like eternity. (Reads: unavailable)

When he meets her

A strange feeling was developing inside him. He continued to look at her face as a small child looks at the moon for the first time, while meera was still looking outside. (Reads: unavailable)


The WHEEL was an intricate yet invisible network that consisted of petty thief’s, pickpockets, thugs and even some high level Politicians. It offered immunity in exchange of capital; (Reads: unavailable)


There is only person, with whom all of you have spoken maximum number of times, till date and so has everyone else across the globe. (Reads: unavailable)