Story with Tag: cafe


He was dazzled when he saw her, as days go by she become a part of his life, his Lavishes… Love and compassion and hope to meet her someday to complete his love story. (Reads: 506)

The Cafe

Having satisfied my gluttony, I took a cup of coffee and was desperate to meet the couple who created such a heaven in the middle of din and dirt. (Reads: 186)

The cup of friendship!

I thought I would gift you this cup which is going to remind you of our childhood memories and the place where we first met. Here take it. This, my friend, is a cup of friendship (Reads: 896)


I saw her enter the café in grey sweatpants, a black leather jacket half open showing off her vibrant pink sports bra and well worked out midriffs. (Reads: 558)