Story with Tag: care


Your anxious waiting unsaid words, Your restless pacing in and out, Your prayers counting on the beads, For the safety of my worldly needs. (Reads: unavailable)

There She Found..!

She moved out to balcony, when she heard a familiar sound, He was standing where she left him there,With lots of love and infinite care. (Reads: unavailable)

Mother’s role in upbringing of her child

The years passed, she was able to manage her family, and profession very diligently. There was happiness all over, she would help others, donate money, do the household work and excel in her professional front. (Reads: unavailable)

Will you give me time?

I hope this reserve will help to augment their assets. I hope they will now find some time to waste, some to use, some to love and some time to talk to people like me who have excess of time. (Reads: unavailable)

Sharing and Caring

The kids just showed me what “sharing and caring” means. They all were hungry. The kid who was offered the curd, could eat it all alone. But he chose to share. (Reads: unavailable)


Mother, she is everything. She not only gives us life but also tells us that how to lead our life. This is a small gift to all mothers from my side. Not only for mothers but to all ladies who take up a stand and help others to live their life. (Reads: unavailable)