Story with Tag: child

Mother’s role in upbringing of her child

The years passed, she was able to manage her family, and profession very diligently. There was happiness all over, she would help others, donate money, do the household work and excel in her professional front. (Reads: 170)

A letter to my Future Child

You’re still not in this world, but I assure you, you will be the best thing ever happening to me. Whoever you will be, may be a son or daughter I promise you, you will be my proudest child, (Reads: 436)


Ashlie goes into flash back and she remembers the day when she is dressed up like a Barbie princess and her friends praise her parents for a fairy tale party. (Reads: 187)


Her heart ached and longed for one more glimpse, so many dreams washed away, like that of child who built, a house on the beach, (Reads: 153)