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She woke at three in the morning hearing melodious notes of flute.The deadly silence of pre-dawn does permeate the strange frightening odor, but this mellifluous sound is even more scary. (Reads: 80)

Inter College Fest

The bond they shared, the love they had for each other and the days they spent together flashed in his mind. He missed her, she too and he could bet his heart that she did miss him. (Reads: 537)

My First Love

I had not loved anyone in all my life as you, True love would never make you to force a change, It accepts you, as the real you, whatever you are, However it is real true, that first love will not be forgotten (Reads: 128)

Wise Decision

We were four friends all well brought up in a decent background and good family values. We all wanted to do big in our lives and make our family proud of us . (Reads: 240)