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Happy Holi, Sudeshna.

He was Arjun. But mad in love like Radha, sudeshna considered him her Krishna. How beautiful was the love of Radha and Krishna! Why can’t human love be like that? Why couldn’t her Krishna feel her love? (Reads: 188)

Hey, Mary

And when they told you to run faster than the wind,To chase the colours that painted the scarlet horizon,You didn’t know demons haunted the darkness (Reads: 99)

Mere Jeevan Ki kahaani

This Hindi poem highlights the autobiography of the poetess in which she admits that she was also indulged in the Love once but that love is totally based on true love in which trust is maintained by (Reads: 453)

You Are Colourful

Hindi Poem on Holi: A lover is looking for a suitable colour (gulal) to celebrate Holi with his love but finds her beauty already has all the colours (Reads: 97)