Story with Tag: dog

Labour Pain!

Britney, look at her! Try to feel her happiness! Wait for a few more weeks to welcome her & your extended family. Past had drifted you from the waves and tides of a regular life dear. (Reads: 31)


There is no thing as ghost, I told to myself. I had the stone in my pocket. But is it helpful against a ghost? What else I am having. Nothing, If the thing ahead is ghost. (Reads: 60)

Petty’s dog

The woman broke down in tears, she was very happy to find her dog. The woman thanked the family a lot for finding her lost dog because the dog was like a family to her. (Reads: 186)

Through My Eyes

The sound of my brother’s voice echoed in my ears as a tear rolled down my cheek. The car was now blending into the traffic and getting away from sight. I cried out for help but nobody seemed to care. (Reads: 263)

Times in Goa

I went over to my neighbours’ and we walked to the park, And soon we were going down the slide, The sun was still casting golden light all around, ‘Ah, the times in Goa,’ I smiled and sighed. (Reads: 57)

Seasons and Colours

A man became conscious and slowly opened his eyes from the deep sleep after hearing a loud cry of a wild dog. He discovered himself in snow-covered land without any trace of other living beings except a wild dog. (Reads: 92)