Story with Tag: Dreams


The softness of the breeze blows my tresses and in the pearly light I open my eyes, wholesome and hearty to face a new day. My spirits bounce back. (Reads: unavailable)

“The Teen Thing….”

Ever felt like travelling back to your childhood and reliving your fairytale land?! Here’s a poem just for you all about typical teen things that cross a teen’s mind …. Hope you connect!! (Reads: unavailable)

My Poetry Collection

Then was whispering all through the night, Now is staring into empty space, But in between was flinging things at you, Mascara running down the face. Remember how you made it a nightmare? (Reads: unavailable)


Living in your own dreams are more beautiful than thinking of the unfulfilled dream and merely doing something for the sake of others. Fly high with your dream. (Reads: unavailable)