Story with Tag: Drugs

Ma-The Miracle

And I filled with tears realized the importance of mother that earlier I knew but never took it seriously. I saw mom’s old pics with glorious face.That day I saw mom’s beauty that day… (Reads: 39)

Friendship forever

That was the day which changed my life completely. It was Karan’s birthday and after college he was giving treat to us so, everybody planned to go out for lunch.We were all exited. (Reads: 480)


The unseen walls of his mind were pulsating with the sensation. He was slowly going insane. Desperately trying to pull out his hair, Dhiraj collapsed on the dusty floor writhing and convulsing under the effects of the drugs he imbibed. (Reads: 171)

A Boy’s Fast Car

He gathered courage and went the very next day to seek forgiveness. But the girl had given him away leading to his imprisonment. Here is dependence on “love” also ended. (Reads: 176)


I looked at him and asked,Did you do this? He didn’t answer. The knife in his hands, used needles on the bed stand and needle marks on his hands were answers enough. (Reads: 2,043)


“Quest” is a social story about a man who lost his path and about to lose his life when Doctor Rupert saved him. What happened next? (Reads: 317)