Story with Tag: earth

The Inevitable Mishap

One of them stood on a rocky platform at the center. A human body was floating above him. Christian recognized him as one of his fellow passengers. The alien lifted up his arms and his head sparkled with light. (Reads: 149)


The effect was long lasting as the trees reduced the amount of storm water runoff, which reduced erosion and pollution in our waterways and were reducing the effects of flooding. (Reads: 90)


For me and you. Man loves, man dies, Subtle dreams in his eyes. Some are shattered, some come true, A soldier also has, but a very few. I feel your voice mild and meek! (Reads: 107)

The Teacher

I wanted to teach you something. You have to be good. Always. You have to do good things to yourself and others. You should never do bad things. (Reads: 99)


We needed to learn lessons in life, get back to our roots, to be at peace with each other. To cherish this beautiful, bountiful, strong, fierce, tempestuous, and loving planet of ours. (Reads: 187)


Varun is out to his own world in his imaginations. Varun made his theory based on his ideas and deductions; finally he came into conclusion that flying is a possibility by the way he have imagined. (Reads: 47)