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First Kiss

Madhu’s nebulous eyes were like two beryl-green jewels melted snow which makes Arjun fall in love with her, again and again, and her enchanting smile can make him obliterate about everything. (Reads: 1,008)


Love embrace them in its arms with a special feeling. Looking at her without blinking, makes her blush. Their heart’s were racing, gasping for breath. They went into another world of love. (Reads: 373)


Midnight came and suddenly the girl awake. Her eyes were impatient but they found rest when met with the eyes of the boy. Eyes filled with craziness and affection (Reads: 802)

Love Comes Back

There was this instant liking that he has felt for Sunayna from the time he saw her. Shankha turned on the music with some old classics. Sunayna was chatting continuously, she seemed to be a chatterbox. (Reads: 779)