Story with Tag: fish


In one June evening, after so many years, I saw him again, sitting beside the pond with a fishing rod. He now looked old. But all his actions and poses were of that of the same man I saw in yesteryears. (Reads: 30)

Machali ko Jal Peelane Chale

This is a satirical poem,dealing with the current norms,conditions and situations of our country which a common man has to face and also the false beliefs in which he gets trapped and thinks that everything will change on following it. (Reads: 27)


I heard some creaky sound while swinging due to friction between the chains and rod. Suddenly the sound was getting heavier, one side of the chain got broken at once and I am landed on the sand. (Reads: 92)


Marriage is some gift one should accept when it comes from heaven. We are decided. Let me make my parents accept for our match. (Reads: 219)

The Mystery of the Man on Boat

While other fishing boats were met by families joyfully with all the heartfelt gratitude for the day’s catch, here’s the man ceaselessly cursed the world for the family he had been blessed. (Reads: 194)


And when these two adorn his plate everyday in the morning and in the evening, a heavenly smell emanating from them seduces his entire Bengali neighbourhood. (Reads: 301)