Story with Tag: fly

Tucker Bright

Halfway to the ground Tucker forcefully deployed his graviton device which used magnetism to suspend heavy objects in the air. “Now he’s flying” said Nolan on the rooftop (Reads: 46)


Varun is out to his own world in his imaginations. Varun made his theory based on his ideas and deductions; finally he came into conclusion that flying is a possibility by the way he have imagined. (Reads: 47)


What had woken him from his slumber he didn’t know first. But he realized what was burning him was anger, white-hot anger. (Reads: 454)


Inhabitants can go And we can fly as well, just look below: The ice in every form, But we are here just to visit land And not to change its destiny. (Reads: 61)

On a date with her I

The night’s silence enveloped her. She snuggled in to its warmth. Every thing was still and quiet. She was with her self. Calm. Connected. On a date with her I. Me talking to me. (Reads: 794)


We were two souls, two bodies and two minds, but we were one. Yes, we were one from inside, we were one for ourselves, and we were one for our parents. (Reads: 223)


I’m going to ride this jet towards that volcano, and I’m going to make it explode into a thousand pieces. That’s right. I’m going to kill that volcano (Reads: 38)