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I guess my life is almost like a Cinderella story, just without the magic, talking animals, pumpkin carriage or Prince Charming. Maybe Russell can be my Prince Charming. (Reads: 270)


Some people speak and make no sense what so ever. Catherine doesn’t speak at all. But she makes a lot of sense with different gestures of her tiny, constricted body. (Reads: 95)


Been living on the streets for 8 years now, and all I’ve ever known is cold. I find it difficult to get a good job, and because I don’t have a good job or any job at all, I literally don’t eat at all. (Reads: 252)

Eleven rupees rich

As long as he remembered how it was like to see the world when you have money in your pocket, nothing mattered. The last thought that came in his mind that he had been eleven rupees rich for a day.Social story of a young boy (Reads: 249)