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I sat on chair number three now. I yanked the device on. Thirteen minutes in, past a memory of me meeting her for the first time at the theatre I acted in and another of me getting my first job, (Reads: 73)

The Sojourn

I have been told tales of a book. The book of the seven spirits, which contains spells and secrets of the ancient world.Help find that book and we can finally get revenge on the enemies. (Reads: 178)

The Teacher

I wanted to teach you something. You have to be good. Always. You have to do good things to yourself and others. You should never do bad things. (Reads: 96)


Achieng could not also not let the truth go, so she decided to unfold the story to the chief. The chief was shocked about the news and at the same-time he was so happy . (Reads: 229)