Story with Tag: gift

One Tight Kick

She also felt she did earn a little justice for those women who were abused physically and mentally. Now she knew what she was going to do, file an FIR on her DREADFUL EX-BOYFRIEND (Reads: 194)


It doesn’t needs to be mentioned anyone in Shashank’s place would have found the entire matter very fishy. But Nick’s smile had something by which no one could remotely believe that this stranger can be harmful by any means. (Reads: 453)

The Gift of Marriage

She still remembered how her mother handled this box over to her and kissed her forehead while her grandmother stood beside the curtain and watched her going stealthily. (Reads: 139)


I heard some creaky sound while swinging due to friction between the chains and rod. Suddenly the sound was getting heavier, one side of the chain got broken at once and I am landed on the sand. (Reads: 85)