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The author is worried about his friend as not seen for a few days. He met his nephew Madna who informed he gone for honeymoon to Goa. He wants to go also. (Reads: 818)

Times in Goa

I went over to my neighbours’ and we walked to the park, And soon we were going down the slide, The sun was still casting golden light all around, ‘Ah, the times in Goa,’ I smiled and sighed. (Reads: 56)

My First Date

He took my hand and ­­­slipped the ring on my finger. The atmosphere was more funny than romantic. That moment I saw something shining in his hair. (Reads: 3,475)

The night

At this time he also looked at her and for a brief second their eyes met. Siya sensed something stirring inside her but she avoided his direct glance. (Reads: 5,011)