Story with Tag: God

Five Poems

I am like salt-common, in my and your life,If I am more than enough, In my and your life, I destroy mine-your -taste of life, But when I am with you, All are with you, I am not God! (Reads: 33)

Listen up!

When you turned your back on me i smiled and i grinned, that may seem real odd to you but little do you know that i will always end up on top while you struggle down below. (Reads: 66)

A blessing

It felt like God’s plan had not ended. I wanted a more meaningful experience. I had a lot of fun, but where was God? I wanted something more eternal. (Reads: 195)


The glory of sun,who gives us light by burning itself,teach us to burn ourselves, to achieve our goal, If god is light, it is the god,It ornaments the clouds with. (Reads: 73)