Story with Tag: happy

Friendship forever

That was the day which changed my life completely. It was Karan’s birthday and after college he was giving treat to us so, everybody planned to go out for lunch.We were all exited. (Reads: 474)

What I Wish You My Angel

Before she leave, she shakes my hand and give me, the most happiest new year wish, I was stunned and confused on, how or what to wish her back, how could I wish her happiness (Reads: 100)


Subhashini is a collection of poems related to our everyday life. Each poem is beautifully presented. So inspiring, so encouraging that teaches us moral. (Reads: 35)

My Journey of 34 years

Two hands held me and kissed my forehead, I know the touch, and it is familiar. I cannot hear and see properly as receptors are not functional yet to their capacity. (Reads: 122)