Story with Tag: happy

What I Wish You My Angel

Before she leave, she shakes my hand and give me, the most happiest new year wish, I was stunned and confused on, how or what to wish her back, how could I wish her happiness (Reads: 72)


Subhashini is a collection of poems related to our everyday life. Each poem is beautifully presented. So inspiring, so encouraging that teaches us moral. (Reads: 32)

My Journey of 34 years

Two hands held me and kissed my forehead, I know the touch, and it is familiar. I cannot hear and see properly as receptors are not functional yet to their capacity. (Reads: 116)


What you(girish) did to us(Shruthiamma and Naveenappa) twenty five years back, your son (jayant) did the same thing to you. I am not scolding you. This is truth. (Reads: 75)