Story with Tag: heart

Heart’s Awesomeness

I could be myself with Shaun. Laugh like I want to, talk what I want to, be the way I want to be with him. I was every bit in love with him. I was a normal girl with a normal life and extraordinarily special person ‘Shaun’ in my life. (Reads: 497)

Queen of Solitude

Oh silence, the queen of solitude, you somehow became the, language of my heart, my dearest and true friend who never betrays, you became my token of waiting (Reads: 45)

Four Love Poems

Just to say I love you, it never seems enough. I’ve said it so many times, But I am just so afraid to say it. I might give you a flower (Reads: 15)

Reasons not to like you

Give me a reason to dislike you. No. Please don’t make me say it. Give me a reason to dislike you? Fine, if that makes you happy. I despise you the most, every bit of you, because it is not mine to have. (Reads: 46)

1017 Days Together

When his love story tried to take its first step was crippled, he was crushed. He remembered the agony pumping through his veins, coldness shattering his heart and yet the jitters were nowhere to be seen on his face! (Reads: 1,016)

Social or anti-social?

We all share the same fate. I think it’s too late to notice my worst, heckpoint. Struggling from side to side, Forcing myself to act mature, before I meet the cold eyes (Reads: 44)


And my heart was crushed, I couldn’t utter a word and just listened to the outside world. Not because she had broken my trust,But because of my shattered love. (Reads: 129)

My First Love

I had not loved anyone in all my life as you, True love would never make you to force a change, It accepts you, as the real you, whatever you are, However it is real true, that first love will not be forgotten (Reads: 128)