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Collection of Hindi Poems & Poetry. This Hindi Poem collection offers Love Poems, Moral lesson Poems, & Friends Poems on friendship.


In this Hindi poetry poetess express her feeling about moon. She feels romantic and spends her time with the moon which gives the message of love,affection,calm beyond any distance. (Reads: 65)

Khulne Ki Pratikha

The story of Indian housewife who is lonely and the author through her poem wants to fill the void in her life through her words.The words here are interpretation of a housewife feelings. (Reads: 124)


Read Hindi poem which is about the mother and written by a daughter for her mother. Through this poem a daughter shows her affection for her mother. (Reads: 516)


This Hindi poem is about teenage girl struggling through restrictions imposed by the society. Through my writing, I want to motivate youth to be good human. (Reads: 339)