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Collection of Hindi Poems & Poetry. This Hindi Poem collection offers Love Poems, Moral lesson Poems, & Friends Poems on friendship.

Tune Aakar Ke Mera Sab Kuch Jaga Diya

This Hindi poem Highlights the Love of two Lovers in which the Lover felt some sensational feelings physically about her beloved when she came and then only he realized the importance of her.

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Tujh Bin

This Hindi poem highlights the ultimate feelings of deep Love of a beloved in which she was remembering Her Lover in the lonely nights as earlier she spent most of Her nights with Him.

Anjaan Dagar Mein

This Hindi poem highlights the unusual path of Love in which the Lovers go without thinking its pros and cons. So the writer is advising them to take each and every step carefully before go for it.

Khaali Haath

This Hindi poem highlights the moral of Hindu’s Holy Book ” Gita ” in which the empty hands are symbolizes as your fate of ” Karma ” which a human being earned during His life time.


Its not just a poem i write, its an appeal to the mankind to wake up! The aim of one should be happiness for all, and the sorrows that are must be shared, i believe this is the humanity!