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Collection of Hindi Poems & Poetry. This Hindi Poem collection offers Love Poems, Moral lesson Poems, & Friends Poems on friendship.

Beautiful Gift of God

Love is the most widely used but still least understood word. Those person who tell you meaning of it as soon as you reach to this planet are alone, please make them happy. (Reads: 34)


This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of an unknown person who was very much stubborn ,when a female writer gave Him a gift, He strictly refused to show any gratitude about His feelings.  (Reads: 35)

Ek Naya Kaarvaan

This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of a female writer in which she is describing that how once she was standing alone some years back and how a single helping hand made her life totally changed. (Reads: 112)

Tum Itni Achchi Kyon Ho?

This Hindi poem highlights the pain of a women in which one of her known person was trying to overpower her by passing the lewd comments without caring about her. She tried to give a reply of his question regarding the same. (Reads: 593)