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Collection of Hindi Poems & Poetry. This Hindi Poem collection offers Love Poems, Moral lesson Poems, & Friends Poems on friendship.

Chal Ek Kahaani Banke

This Hindi poem highlights wishes of a beloved in which she wanted to get publish as a story as Her Love will remain alive then, when other readers will go through from it.

Mujhe Nahin Pata

This Hindi poem highlights the feelings of a female writer in which she was addressing her virtual Lover that whatever He read here was a perfect one as He was always be a virtual in her writings

Sharm Se

This Hindi song highlights the shyness of the beloved after having love with her lover in which due to her shyness she rolled herself into a bed sheet and the Lover went away quietly

Kab Aaoge?

This Hindi poem highlights the pain of an Indian wife in which the husband went for some vacations in the nature’s lap and didn’t inform her for his returning.