Read Hindi poem which is about the mother and written by a daughter for her mother. Through this poem a daughter shows her affection for her mother. (Reads: 938)


This Hindi poem is about teenage girl struggling through restrictions imposed by the society. Through my writing, I want to motivate youth to be good human. (Reads: 378)

Dil ki Baat Dil Tak

This is an heart breaking Hindi poem and each word has define the breaking heart’s pain but here one more thing is define that is indicate about the strongness after hurting. (Reads: 479)

Kya karoge

This Hindi poem is all about attraction in the world towards the human. Human spend his life in unless greed but he doesn’t understand the reality of world till end of the life, (Reads: 113)


This poem is about the girl child of family and through this poem I want to spread the message to save the girl child and respect the girls because without women this world is incomplete. (Reads: 1,493)