Story with Tag: house

The thief

One day he decided to take a big step by deciding to break into a house, whose owner was Loin. As the door was locked, he found a way to get into the house, (Reads: 69)

The Budget Diary

The following is an autobiography of a budget-diary. The narrative highlights the unique similarities drawn between the master and his diary. (Reads: 63)


Old man then turned towards me and took the mirror. He opened a door in the corner of the room and took a hammer. Before his final blow I realized who the real customer was. (Reads: 162)


Our nocturnal rendezvous led us to fall in love with each other when we clearly knew that the debacle was in vain.I enjoyed the moments I spent talking to her. (Reads: 208)

Home Sweet Home

Anna walked into the room. Betty was right behind her. Then both girls saw something that made them scream. โ€˜What is that Anna?โ€™ wailed Betty. She wanted to run out of the house but her legs were frozen. (Reads: 133)