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How Love Caused Her Ruins

She drove. She knew her exact destination, and there was a strange feeling filling her mind. At first, she couldn’t describe it. It was a sensation she hadn’t felt in so long, that she no longer knew what it was. (Reads: 120)


My family, husband and our two daughters, sat at the dining room table covered with colorful plastic oilcloth, just like a real happy family in American film. (Reads: 225)

Upside Down

I have a partner who I can share my problems and happiness- both. Believe me!! I know may be I have not been the best man for you since I don’t say how much I love you. But still, you are the best woman I know for sure. (Reads: 784)

Different perspectives

She reiterated her decision to her husband and picked up her handbag and walked out to get fresh air and perspective all the while silently thanking her parents for teaching her the power of ” No.” (Reads: 164)