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Indian Arranged Marriage

Will my arranged marriage be successful? How will be our first night after the marriage? Would my partner be compatible with me? Love marriage or arranged marriage? Many such questions keep coming in the mind of thousands of Indian brides and grooms who go for the arranged marriage. In an arranged marriage bride and groom are selected by someone other than them typically a close relative or family friend common to both bride’s and groom’s families. In India arranged marriage is considered better by many because it is matching of families and, in joint family, compatibility of family is must for a marriage to be successful. Read experiences of Indian brides and grooms in arranged marriage, and stories around it.

Rishtey ki Neev

This Hindi story is about a girl who was rejected in every marriage proposal. This rejection upset her family. So when a new proposal arrived, she out of fear takes such a step which could jeopardize her family honor. (Reads: 453)