Story with Tag: job


The author was anxious to see Raviya. Raviya came to his house and asked to reserve birth. Madna also came,said to get him married as getting 4 lac rupees. (Reads: 486)


Friendship is one of the greatest among all relations which makes us feel comfortable in every stage of life and being a friend like you is much more than a blessing. (Reads: 307)

The Girl in the White Dress

I couldn’t stop thinking of that little girl with a pale face, the slick dark hair, and the white dress. She was so easily injured. Then I thought about her family, and how they would never be the same again. (Reads: 156)

One Penniless Day

The Christmas was nearing, yet I don’t enough money to buy toys for them. I can manage with the dress. Next day, before Christmas eve, I planned to do double shift. (Reads: 78)