Story with Tag: Kids

Hope in the parlour

Excessive labor and half-fed stomach on most nights had done the damage. She cursed herself for not raising voice at the time when it could have saved her. (Reads: 93)

A New Bedtime Story

Neeta wanted her daughter to know that she was special, even if she was average in studies, that she would never be told that she is weak, that no matter what happens she has a friend in her mother. (Reads: 87)

Sharing and Caring

The kids just showed me what “sharing and caring” means. They all were hungry. The kid who was offered the curd, could eat it all alone. But he chose to share. (Reads: 2,319)

One Penniless Day

The Christmas was nearing, yet I don’t enough money to buy toys for them. I can manage with the dress. Next day, before Christmas eve, I planned to do double shift. (Reads: 78)