Story with Tag: land

Meri Maati

Hindi poems about our land, its abilities, qualities, greatness and about saving the trees. The jungles are treasures and we get benefits from them. We are taught to save nature and plant more trees for the future. (Reads: 65)

Two Weekend Poems!

You are to me, what God is to Pope. You are to me, the one and only hope. wherever you are, whoever you are, Come into my life and tie me with a Rope. Take me in your hands, choke me with those bands. (Reads: 41)

An Unexpected Find

The fat man almost jumped in glee. The gullible little chap was scared his golden nest would be raided, and he wanted it over with. Struggling to contain his grin, the fat man agreed. (Reads: 903)

Two Poems

She’s a sea- endless;her sea is a wishing well.Her eyes- pools tiny, reflecting my light;her mouth is a river,that flows unsure. (Reads: 2,758)

India – My Mother

India, The great land of diversity,India, the symbol of unity,India, the cold water of serenity,India, where in every heart resides love and pity (Reads: 33,819)