Story with Tag: laugh

The Banana Story

“You’re right! Its now or never” Ronan said as he saw Renna walking across the hallway. He quickly ran to the opposite railing, threw his banana peel and went over to her. (Reads: 147)


I was living. “Living” I don’t even know what the word meant until I saw her. How could I not, it was next to impossible not to. I was fascinated by her eyes. They said the things, her lips couldn’t. (Reads: 519)


And my heart was crushed, I couldn’t utter a word and just listened to the outside world. Not because she had broken my trust,But because of my shattered love. (Reads: 143)

Love, It Is

The bond between me and my mother was one no person could break. Ours was a ‘family of two’ in this big world. She was both a father and a mother to me. (Reads: 329)