Story with Tag: letter

Last Meeting

Lily noticed that he had warm brown eyes and the sun made them look like the colour of molten honey. They were nothing but beautiful. (Reads: 960)

The letter

The last letter which she received from her soldier son carried the news of his well being and of his next posting in Kashmir. This was the first time when Robin’s monthly letter had failed to reach his mother. (Reads: 133)

The Envelope (1)

A sudden urge to turn the paper and as he turned it little did he expect that all his questions will be answered by just one date,a chill ran through his body. The paper fell and his darkest dreams came back to him. (Reads: 999)

Letter to Sista !!

I was never fair with you. Even though you loved me, maybe that’s my definition of a sister. I use to think you are the villain in the home but realized you are the only hero of my life. (Reads: 73)

A Poet’s Muses

Inspirations are thrown in everywhere, just need a right medium to get it expressed. A collection of poems is penned down here. The poems are themed on chatting activity, sleep, boozing and about the characters. (Reads: 17)

A last letter to my Mother

Mom, I was never a good son but you always loved me.. Even now I know you are beside me.. always watching over me..always protecting me.. if only..if only….I could have you back just for one moment… (Reads: 193)