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Inspirational Stories of Life

Life is name of happenings. Life teaches many lessons. Each lesson has interesting and inspiration story. Read real life inspirational stories. For few, life is very easy. Such people are born with luck. But for the rest, life is real struggle. To them, life poses very difficult challenges for their own survival. Read short stories and poems based on motivation experiences of life. Few stories are based on real life heroes.

Dreams do come true!!!

If you do not have dream, start dreaming right away. Figure out the reason of your existence in this world. Find out your burning desire. (Reads: 0)

Timeless bliss

Those times when you suddenly realise the smallest flower hidden in between grass. And for the first time see the beauty and majesty of clouds and the breakthrough of sunlight underneath a lush tree. (Reads: 431)

Sports changes life

One day teacher said he doesn’t have any money to give them, one of the boy named Akhilesh said they don’t want money they just want to play football. It further continued for many days, boys were very happy. (Reads: 177)

The Warmth of Love

And just then, he saw her, once again. There she was, sitting by another window in that 240, wearing the scarf he had lost.Their eyes met and that moment felt like eternity. (Reads: 729)