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Love Marriage Stories

Love marriage is based on the mutual love that the lovers commit to each other and decide to tie in the knot of marriage. Love marriage is based on not only love alone but also trust, believe and dedication to each other. However, not all the love marriages are successful. Very soon the couple faces reality of the life, and if their love is not true but just affection, a chasm is created between them. Nonetheless, with maturity, understanding and commitment, the couple can make love marriage very successful. Read stories related to love marriages.

Incomplete Love

Days passed by but Priya didn’t talk to Sharon much. She got bored to death. Priya’s nasty behaviour was getting a rise out of Atul but he couldn’t react. The time came when Sharon had to leave for Canada. (Reads: 184)

Wise Decision

We were four friends all well brought up in a decent background and good family values. We all wanted to do big in our lives and make our family proud of us . (Reads: 260)