The Warmth of Love

And just then, he saw her, once again. There she was, sitting by another window in that 240, wearing the scarf he had lost.Their eyes met and that moment felt like eternity. (Reads: 723)

Ma-The Miracle

And I filled with tears realized the importance of mother that earlier I knew but never took it seriously. I saw mom’s old pics with glorious face.That day I saw mom’s beauty that day… (Reads: 30)

Friendship forever

That was the day which changed my life completely. It was Karan’s birthday and after college he was giving treat to us so, everybody planned to go out for lunch.We were all exited. (Reads: 292)

Silent Lover

Jared went close to her and whispered something in her ears. Ana’s face lit up with a smile. Jared has asked her out on a date. (Reads: 631)


Midnight came and suddenly the girl awake. Her eyes were impatient but they found rest when met with the eyes of the boy. Eyes filled with craziness and affection (Reads: 743)