Four Love Poems

Just to say I love you, it never seems enough. I’ve said it so many times, But I am just so afraid to say it. I might give you a flower (Reads: 15)

In Your Heart Dear!!!!

Driven by the adrenaline and excitement of getting her driver’s licence, Natasha never took her feet of the accelerator. She seemed a little bit out of control, not to mention the high level of vodka in her. ” Cool down Nat, I don’t wanna die yet , there is still time, ” begged her boyfriend […]

There She Found..!

She moved out to balcony, when she heard a familiar sound, He was standing where she left him there,With lots of love and infinite care. (Reads: 93)

The Pain

How unfortunate..!!She was faking a cry outside while getting ecstatic inside while he was faking an anger outside and crying like a baby inside, crushing his own heart, never to recover. (Reads: 457)


I was always wishing for someone to rescue me. My prince, my knight in shining armor. But life is not a fairy-tale. You fight to live or you die. (Reads: 200)


In this Hindi poetry poetess express her feeling about moon. She feels romantic and spends her time with the moon which gives the message of love,affection,calm beyond any distance. (Reads: 55)