Story with Tag: Lover

Labour Pain!

Britney, look at her! Try to feel her happiness! Wait for a few more weeks to welcome her & your extended family. Past had drifted you from the waves and tides of a regular life dear. (Reads: unavailable)


This Hindi story highlights the Love of two Lovers in which they both promised not to meet in their lifetime. At last on her death bed the beloved recalled her Lover’s name in front of her family. (Reads: unavailable)

Timeless bliss

Those times when you suddenly realise the smallest flower hidden in between grass. And for the first time see the beauty and majesty of clouds and the breakthrough of sunlight underneath a lush tree. (Reads: unavailable)

Four Love Poems

Just to say I love you, it never seems enough. I’ve said it so many times, But I am just so afraid to say it. I might give you a flower (Reads: unavailable)