Story with Tag: man

Chances to Make Choices!

The dim bulb in the poorly lit room kind of reminded him who he currently was, a once bright light whose appeal was fading…all in all, he could do nothing to change the past! (Reads: unavailable)

The Blue Moon Hotel

The next day and the days after that she began to wait for him. He would come in the afternoon and drink till late evening. Neharika felt her numbness fading away, she would feel alive every moment the man was there. (Reads: unavailable)

We differ by

A young man visits his childhood home; a kid intercepts him;both indulge into a conversation about the dreams of life;But one’s experienced & the other inexperienced;arguments follow. (Reads: unavailable)

Seasons and Colours

A man became conscious and slowly opened his eyes from the deep sleep after hearing a loud cry of a wild dog. He discovered himself in snow-covered land without any trace of other living beings except a wild dog. (Reads: unavailable)

“It was nice Knowing you”

Nothing did I say, Just gave a small smile away, The path was beautiful rather, “I will always be there for you” He said holding my hand, It seemed as if someone has spelled a magic using a wand. A love poem (Reads: unavailable)

Nothing Else’s Matter

Your caring and sweet voice, Your tantalizing and truthful eyes, Your sincere and honest hugs, Deserves a love from me for a lifetime. You have recognized my mistakes, (Reads: unavailable)